7 Major Types of Logo Designs and Their Usage


Every business is recognized by a logo, which works as its identity. As we look around, we are surrounded by logos, and every brand consists of a unique logo design. The audience gets attracted to the brand through that unique and striking design. The first thing customer notices are the logo of that brand, so it should be unique and makes your audience remember your brand through its design. You can hire The Best Logo Designer for your brand.

Best company logos make a powerful impact on potential customers and make them stand out through their uniqueness and striking appearance. Now, question is that how you will choose the best logo design type for your brand and which logotype will help your brand to attract a greater audience.

There are seven different types of logos and in this article, we are going to discuss each logotype with its usage. I’ll try to discuss the pros and cons of every type of logo, so you can make the best decision to choose the type of logo for your brand.

What are the 7 types of Logos?

There are different types of logos but they are placed into seven main categories.

Let’s have look at each category and try to understand the importance and usage of each logotype:

Emblem Logos:

One of the oldest types of logo. Crest, badges, stamps, and seals are examples of an emblem design. Emblem mark features a text, a symbol, or graphic inside a geometric shape, which gives them a traditional and classical look. This type of logo is mostly used by schools, government agencies, or old traditional and cultural brands. Their details are richer than other types of logos. Production company logos are also an example of emblem marks, like Warner Bros. Designed by The Best Logo Designer.

Think about Harley-Davidson’s logo, their traditional and classic emblem logo is recognized worldwide. The use of a shield and a bar in the logo with the brand name written on the bar and their product name written on the shield. This is the best example of an emblem logo, portraying the company and its products perfectly.

  • Pros: Once you have chosen an emblem logo design and come up with a good logo, it will surely make your brand stand out from the competition. It makes your brand memorable, professional, and gives a strong look and feel to your brand.
  • Cons: The disadvantage of the emblem logo design is that they have a scalability issue. As they are the most detailed type of logo, they may not look well-structured when they are resized to a smaller resolution. The smaller resolution makes them difficult to read.


Pictorial Marks:

A pictorial type of logo consists of an image only that shows symbolist meaning. A very representative image and element are used to make your audience associate with your brand. If you are leaning towards a pictorial logo, then you should be considerate of the details and meanings of the image, which represents your brand perfectly.

If you have just started your business and working as a new entrant in the market then you should consider this logo using the wordmark, to make people acquainted with your business. Because every popular brand starts with that combination, but as soon their brand becomes renowned they changed their logo to the only pictorial mark.

  • Pros: When you want to convey an idea that cannot be expressed with words, then this type of logo design helps you in a great way. Just like Apple, their name is their symbol too, which is a great example of a pictorial logo.
  • Cons: For fresh business, this type of logo is not recommended. Because to create a solid base and a stable target audience you need to start with something more explicit and self-explanatory.

Wordmark Logos:

Wordmark logos, also known as logotypes. These are among the most powerful types of logo design. They are composed entirely of brands name, nothing less nothing more. You won’t find any symbols, graphical illustrations, shapes, or emblems, the only thing you will find will be the text.

The main feature of a wordmark logo is the font composition and typography, so it is preferred to design a font especially for that logo. The font style and color combination will make the whole identity of your brand. It makes an instant connection between your brand and your audience. Quality designs can only be provided by The Best Logo Designer.

  • Pros: It is the simplest yet most effective type of logo. The impactful way to get your brand name out there. It is the most beneficial type of logo for new entrants who wants their businesses to be recognized rapidly.
  • Cons: It won’t work for the brands with long names. Also, you may have to change the fonts with time, to keep pace with trending fonts.

Lettermark Logos:

Businesses with long names can get benefit from this type of logo. Lettermark allows you to make an acronym of your long brand name by making a logo of initial letters of every word of the brand name. After that, you will have to choose the right font type for your logo. Select a unique and eye-catching font that can be used for your lettermark logo.

  • Pros: When you don’t want to use a picture or visual and if your brand name is too long that cannot be fitted in any type of logo, can be fitted here as the acronym of your brand name.
  • Cons: For new entrants in the market, it may confuse your audience and you will find it difficult to target the audience. Because they will find it difficult to know your brand’s actual name.


Abstract Logos:

Abstract logos consist of an image with geometric shapes. It is a visual representation of the feeling and messages your brand conveys to the viewers. As everyone cannot interpret the abstract representation, so it can be a bit difficult to use it. But a good strategy behind it can make your brand stand out the completion.

Highly popular brands like Nike, use an abstract mark, Swoosh, for its brand, designed by the The Best Logo Designer. It works alone because of the popularity of the brand but most often you will see it with the brand name. So, it depends on the popularity of the brand and what strategies are running behind that logo. Logo designs of Pepsi, Adidas, and Airbnb are some of the good logo design examples in abstract form.

  • Pros: Abstract logos are instantly recognizable. It is versatile and can be easily fit in almost every branding activity.
  • Cons: As abstract logos only consist of an image as a symbol, so they cannot work efficiently for new entrants in the market. To make your brand renowned, you will have to put some extra promotional efforts to get your brand name out there.


Mascot Logo Design:

A mascot logo consists of an illustrated character with human attributes, an animal, an object, or a cartoon character. These types of the logo have friendly and engaging attributes. You can have your mascot logo designed by the best logo designer and get it used for different promotional activities. Sports teams, food brands, and companies engaged with the sports industry mostly use this type of logo.

  • Pros: It creates a fun and entertaining approach specifically when you are targeting children and families.
  • Cons: For brands that want to portray seriousness and professionalism, this logo is not for them.

Combination Mark:

As its name says it all, it is the combination of different types of logos. When you can’t decide the type of logo you can mix them all to create a new logo that falls in this category. Once people get to know about your brand, you can use this type of logo with different variations. It’s easier to be used in a different variation like if you don’t want to use the text you can only go with the image also.

  • Pros: It makes your logo adaptable for future changes and makes it highly versatile.
  • Cons: The simplicity and minimalism are not found in this logo, because of the combination of different logos.



Designing your brand’s logo demand your full consideration. Although it’s a fun and creative process before starting you need to know all the tips and tricks that how you can design your logo to be effective and striking. You must know your brand’s core values and how you can present them in front of your audience. Which makes your brand memorable.

I hope this article helps you develop an idea of types of logos and where they can be used, and after reading this it may be easy for you to select the relevant logotype for your brand. You can contact us to get The Best Logo Designer.