What Are The Basic Concepts of Logo Design?


As more and more companies are emerging, competition to get market recognition is increasing. Thus, a well-designed logo can be a great advantage for businesses to capture the attention of consumers and represents the core business values at a glance. A great logo is more than a generic icon, it’s a personification of what a brand stands for. So, to design a great visual ambassador for a brand, you need to understand the basic concepts of logo design.

It is always a pleasure to see a lively logo, but achieving that design requires ample time, skills, and expertise. A considerate design process is key to creating an effective and Creative Logo Design. But what includes in the whole process?

This informative guide entails a simple, forthright, and highly effective logo design process. That will lead you towards creating modern and sophisticated logos for your consumers and brands. It presents some useful logo design tips that can be used by professional designers or creative designing agency. To make their clients understand the whole process from the research phase to the final delivery of project files.


Characteristics of an Effective Logo:

To create an effective logo, there must be a clear understanding that how to make a logo successful. Because to start branding your business, a custom logo design is the ultimate element of any branding activity. You can go with a creative design agency or you can connect with professional branding services to get your business a unique digital experience. So, a good logo must adhere to a few trusted principles:

There is a great system based on five principles, it is known as the S.M.A.R.T system. That allows companies and brands to form lasting connections with audiences and makes them stand out in a competitive market. S.M.A.R.T stands for:

  • Simple
  • Memorable
  • Ageless
  • Reliable
  • Thoughtful

It is recommended by Logo Designer in USA, that logos should be designed while considering different use cases. Let’s consider the logo of an eCommerce store that needs to be displayed as tiny as an icon on an eCommerce app while looking good on very large-scale billboards and banners.


The Logo Design Process:

In this article, we will follow the logo design process step by step and understand the concepts of logo design.


  1. Understand the Design Brief:

The first phase of the logo design process is to understand the design brief. A design brief is a document that helps you understand the purpose of the logo. As per logo designer in USA and creative designing agency, a design brief helps them understand what their customer want and expect from their services. And how their logo should look when the work is done.

So, a basic brief will cover the following points;

  • Goals: Specific goals related to the project are defined in the brief.
  • Deliverables: All the deliverables are expected to be delivered after the completion of the project.
  • Timeline: Expected time in which project is expected to be completed.
  • Project Stakeholders: People who are involved in the project decision-making.
  • Target Audience: The segment of the population that you want to target through your design.
  • Product or Brand Profile: Purpose of the company and the values they are offering to people.
  • Brand’s Declarations: Mission and vision statements and promises to customers.
  • Budget and Payment Process: The budget and payment timeline of the project are mentioned in the brief.


  1. Initial Visual Research:

Once you have the design brief and you have understood the requirements of your client. Then you start with the initial research related to the related artworks to get an idea and inspiration. It involves browsing through various art and design-related books available online, different portfolios, magazines, and blogs. To better understand the latest trends and to design competitive and affordable logo designs.

The main point is to revive the imagination by brainstorming and researching different ideas and choosing some of them for inspiration. To design a concept that reflects the requirements of the client. Because branding your business is like making a stronger relationship with your audience through custom logo design.


  1. Development of Mood Boards:

After having complete visual research, logo designers should lead clients through a concise design plan of the intent using a mood board. Mood boards show a clear trend and intent that appeals to a specific audience. Sketches and initial elements are shown to the client in a presentation to give them an idea of what is going to be delivered.


  1. Ideation Process:

Research turns into creative output as you start putting your ideas onto the page for preliminary sketches. This phase consists of a brainstorming session in which designers capture the relevant concepts of logo design and narrow down them into the most worthwhile options. Ideas are stimulated by the transformation of things. Converting one thing in another form can guide your thoughts in totally new and exciting ways. Because one idea leads to the other and this trail goes on until you come up with the final results.


  1. Sketching:

Sketching the ideas on a piece of paper or design software is a valuable practice for every logo designer and professional branding services agency. Fast, rudimentary sketching is a great way to express your ideas quickly and explore the initial designs without bearing in mind the finished quality.


  1. Digital Tracing and Refinement:

After doing the ideation and concept sketching, you will start refining your logo in Adobe Illustrator or any other platform you want to work on. But most creative design agency uses and recommends adobe illustrator to design affordable logo designs. Because it is easy to rescale any artwork in illustrator without losing the quality and pixels of the artwork.

Some of the major tools used in illustrator for the logo design process are basic shapes, align tool, pathfinder, shape builder, and pen tool.


  1. Adding Colors in Logo Design:

color-schemesThe use of colors in logo designs is an immense and deep topic, covering a varied array of disciplines ranging from color theory to human psychology. Keeping these in mind, it is best to present a logo to clients with a simple yet pleasant color pallet that provides a striking look.

There are numerous online resources to aid designers in the whole color selection process. When creating color schemes, it is important to match the colors with the theme and nature of the business. Because colors depict meanings. White color has its importance in the whole design, to live and work in the real world it is crucial to run white space forever.


  1. Consolidate and Deliver Design Files:

Once the logo is complete and approved by the client, the final design is ready to be delivered with complete ownership of the client. All folders and files and related material should be well-organized and labeled with easy-to-understand names. For new designers, below is a quick breakdown of different important file formats that are required to be delivered:

  • Print Files: This format includes EPS, SVG, AI, and PDF files. They are easy to print and editable vector files.
  • Web Files: SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) or pixel-based files are required by the web.
  • JPEG Files: These are the best when a logo consists of several color transitions and gradients because they keep the rich photographic render and original quality.
  • PNG Images: These are best when logo design uses flat colors or shapes, with little or no gradient or shadow, and provides a transparent background.


Wrapping It Up!

Following these concepts of logo design can make you a great designer. The whole process is defined by the experts and leaders of the design industry. In addition to this design guide, you can equip your clients with value and vision by offering them a basic style guide, presenting their logo with a subtle animation. Try to stand out with unique concepts and tricks to make your client more than satisfied with your work and process.

As a Custom Logo Design agency, we are here to help our clients rise above the noise of their vicious rivals in the market. It’s our core responsibility to make our clients shine in a world full of distractions. If you are interested in getting our services, contact us now.