Content Marketing strategies to grow your business in 2021

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The digital world is an ever-evolving landscape. In the year 2021 content creators are faced with a variety of roadblocks that they may have not faced before. This article explains a few important Content Marketing strategies that could help you up to your content game.

What is a ‘content writing strategy’?

A content writing strategy is just a fancy name given to the meticulous act of planning your next rollout of content as a content creator.  A lot of variables are generally included in content writing strategy, such as:

Identifying your audience

It is imperative as a content writer to know your audience. Because how else are you going to produce effective, enjoyable content?. The audience is one of the most important and largest cogs in a machine that is the content creators’ work. There are plenty of ways to identify your audience, both automatically and manually.

The automatic way is to use an online tool to gauge your core audience. Tools like Google Analytics can provide you with advanced information such as the demographics of your audience ( age, region, gender, etc).

The manual way, which, full disclosure –  is a tedious one,  is to experiment with different types of content and check what gets the best response. Once you’ve identified what you think your audience seems to like more than the rest, proceed from there and plan your future content around that type of content.

Planning your content

The real work begins once you have completed step 1 ( identifying your audience ). Once that is done, go to the drawing board and ask yourself this, what would my core audience like to see? What type of content would they prefer? Research extensively about the trends your core audience tends to lean towards. For example, if your core audience is majorly kids, they would rather enjoy something related to cartoons, than hearing about something boring. Like climate change?

 Fix a schedule, and stick to it

Being punctual as a content creator is almost as important as their content itself!. So once you’re done with planning your content, make a schedule for yourself that you know you can stick you. A general rule of thumb is to not be overly ambitious when designing your schedule, because there will be days when you will feel overburdened. So try to come up with a schedule with working hours lower than what you normally work with.

Use SEO keywords

Writing good content is one thing, knowing how to get it picked up by search engines is another. In today’s day and age Search Engine Optimization is a must for content writers. SEO keywords, when used properly, elevate the content’s chance of being shown above in a search result, hence increasing the probability of a user clicking on it. More users clicking on it equals higher traffic, higher traffic equals higher ad revenue, which in turn equals more business growth. See the value of SEO keywords?

You might be wondering how you’d go about defining your keyword, well SEO keywords are generally those words that contain the gist of your content. An SEO keyword is a word that someone could search for, and they’d recommend your work!

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