Tips to Design a Logo to take your Brand Next Level


In the previous times like 100 years ago, there had been no concept of logos. Companies would simply use their brand’s name for the identification of their company. In the last 50 years, a new field known as logo designing/graphic designing came into existence and companies started realizing the importance of a logo for their brand. Since then every company has their brand logo which makes their company look good and professional. Every company hires a designer to create a logo for them or make changes in their logo.  Now in this article, I am going to explain to you the importance of a logo and how you can design an attractive logo.


  What is the importance of a logo:


Let me get you straight to the point, every company wants to build their identity and want people to remember their company’s name when the talk is related to the niche your company is about. A company builds a relationship with their customers through the quality of the services/products they provide.


 1)  Gets attention:

Your brand’s logo grabs the attention of the audience if your logo is beautifully designed. When a user sees your logo, if it is well designed then the user might come to your website and buy your products or services because your logo gives the first impression of your company. If your logo is catchy half of the job is done because the logo gets you the attention.


2)  Foundation of your brand:

Whoever starts a brand or a company, the very first stride is to Design a Logo because your logo is the foundation of the company you are building. Without a logo your brand is incomplete. Your logo helps the audience to understand the mission of your company and the goal you are trying to achieve. Your logo is placed on your website, business cards, landing pages, etc this is why you need a logo.


3) Memorable for the audience:

The logo is the symbol your customers use to recognize your brand. If you provide them with the best services or products, solve their queries, they remember your brand keep it in their good books but if your logo is good but the customer is not satisfied with your services or products then they keep your brand in bad books which results in a loss in your business. Most of the time it happens that people forget your brand name but remember your logo so whenever they see your logo they associate with the experience they had with your brand.


4) Parts you from the competition:

Having a unique logo separates you from other brands that are in the same niche as yours. For instance, if you have a clothing brand so you can add a shirt and pants in your logo with a little typography written in proper size and fonts and an eye-catching icon. It will separate you from the race and your logo looks unique


5) Build brand loyalty:

A logo builds the trust of your brand. Suppose you go to a mobile market to buy a smartphone, you go past by an Apple store, you instantly buy an iPhone because you know that you are in safe hands it might cost you a little bit more but the quality of their product is outstanding. If the brand gives the best product/services, people prefer that brand more even if it’s costing them more as compared to the other companies of the same niche.


6) Communicates with the audience:

If your logo is designed in a way that could be understood by everyone so it means it is communicating with the audience. By communication what I mean is that your logo tells the story of your business, the logic behind your logo, the ultimate goal you want to achieve, the audience you are trying to get. These all things can be told by a logo but the condition is, the logo has to be professional, unique, and eye-catching.


7) Gives professional look:

Logo portrays the professionalism of your company, how you deal with your customers, do you solve their issues and queries, is your team expert in their work, and more. Your logo shows how well you entertain your customers and how you treat them.


How to Create a Brand Logo:


Designing a brand logo is no hard and fast rule, it just requires a little bit of knowledge of designing but if you are not a professional logo designer, you can hire one or get your logo designed from freelancers. There are a few things you need to know before designing your brand’s logo.


1) Express your brand’s identity:

First of all, you need to know what your brand is all about like what services or products do you provide, which gender does your brand deals in, the quality of your products if it’s an online store then how fast you can deliver your products to the customer, which class are you targeting is it the lower class, middle or the upper class. You must know these answers then you can Design a Logo accordingly. Your logo must communicate with the audience.


2) Look for inspiration:

This is the hardest thing to do before designing a logo. Looking for inspiration for your logo requires a lot of research and time. It can be further divided into few steps which are

* Brainstorming: Brainstorming can help you in coming up with some of the best ideas which can create impactful results. For brainstorming, you need to think of as many ideas as you can, write them down, and see if any of those suit your business. You may come up with some really bad ideas but you never know what goes best for your business.

* Think like a customer: Make a list of few words which best describe your business and how you want to brand to be perceived. Think like the audience what they can expect from you, what is their requirement, etc.

* Take advice from your friend and family: Generating ideas is not a single person’s game, you got to take ideas and advice from your family and friends too. Share your ideas with them and hopefully you’ll get the best idea/result.


3) Check out your competitor’s logos:

This is one of the best techniques for generating ideas for designing your company’s logo. Check out your competitor’s logo, how they have designed their logo, the shape they have used, colors, fonts, typography, icons. By looking at your competitor’s logo you can borrow ideas from their logo or you can add something special to it to make it more unique and attractive.


4) Select a design style:

The styling of your logo plays a vital role in attracting the audience. You need to choose the right color, fonts, spacing between your letters, shapes. Styling is further expanded in the forms/types. There are few types of logo design which are classic logo, Mascot Logo Design, vintage logo, modern, Minimalist Logo Design, handmade logo, etc. If these metrics are perfectly selected that means your logo is better than the other and the audience is more like to buy your products or services.


5) The right typography:

You have to choose the right font which can describe your business. There are 4 types of typography fonts which are:


* Serif fonts: Serif fonts make your logo look classic and stylish. These serif fonts are a little small at the end of the letter and are attached to the end of the larger letter. Serif fonts look pretty much old-fashioned so they are best for the vintage logo.

* Sans serif fonts: These fonts work best for modern logo designs because their letters are not small at the end. This quality of them makes a logo look simple and alluring.

* Script fonts: Script fonts are created by handwriting and they look more down to earth and have the potential to grab customer’s attention.

* Display fonts: Such fonts are the most stylish among all fonts and are catchy. Your logo looks very attractive when you combine two different fonts and the logo becomes powerful.


6) Talk to your designer:

If you don’t know logo designing, then you need to hire a designer to get your job done. Now since you have decided what type of logo you want, you have to explain your ideas to your designer so that he designs a logo as you wished for. But at times it happens that designers give you a more unique idea which is better than yours so I would prefer you to go with his idea if it is more unique than yours.


Things you should include in your logo to make it great;


1) Has to be unique

2) Must be memorable

3) Should be working in any size

4) Reflects your identity

5) Timeless


The tips, tricks, and importance of the logo mentioned above describe the value of a logo in the modern era and what benefits you get if you have an astonishing and eye-catching logo. This also tells you how to Create a Brand Logo that can generate more leads and conversions.