2020 was uncertain, no doubt. This suggested that while a portion of the trends which were anticipated before the pandemic ended up becoming known, others didn’t arise at all, with different forced variations reshaping components of the marketing scene.

Most notably, e-commerce sales went through the rooftop, individuals invested significantly more energy on social media, and video conferencing turned into the standard. This has led to a significant move in the manner brands associate with their customers.

Anyway, as we transform a corner into the New Year, what marketing patterns will continue to be strong in 2021?

Here are some vital trends to consider:


Stay at home events meant occasions were dropped, and buyers couldn’t go to face-to-face occasions. They weren’t even able to socialize with their loved ones.

This resulted in an increase in the number of individuals turning into live streams, regardless of whether it was a branded live session, a live video from a well-known celebrity, or an online workshop.

On Facebook, live viewings grew by half during lockdown periods, while viewings on Instagram flooded 70%, and there’s a decent possibility we’ll see this upward direction keep on working out in 2021.

Human-driven content like influencer live-streams can make trust, and help users to stay connected.


It’s impossible for customers to interact with brands that they see as ‘unclear’ or insincere. Obviously, they would not put resources into something that they can’t trust or don’t have faith in. This is the reason connection will be essential for brands that need to stay trusted in sources in 2021.

Presently like never before, brands are uncovering different ways to discover how to succeed in difficult occasions. To do this, brands need to be deeply open-minded about why they exist and what their identity is worked to serve.

We’re no strangers to seeing brands doing beneficial things, however, there will be a much greater focus on this from now onwards.


Client experience has never been more significant. Customers look for pleasant experiences with brands that are simple and memorable. They need confirmation before they buy and they need to be consoled – all things considered, nobody needs to settle on some unacceptable choice.

User-Generated Content (UGC) is the best when it comes to connective content:

  • It builds and reinforces networks.
  • It’s relatable and elevating.
  • It enables brands to meet clients where they’re now hanging out.
  • It assists brands with producing tons more content against a background of stay-at-home requests and prohibitive measures.


An expanding number of purchasers are searching through voice-initiated tools like Alexa. Maybe that is because individuals have been stuck at home, with restricted freedoms for discussion, or maybe it’s just in light of the fact that this sort of innovation is gladly available to everyone.

But, it’s not simply voiced search that will win in 2021, we can likewise anticipate that other creative search methods should rise to the top, like visual search.

Instruments like Google Lens empower users can look for whatever they can see. This implies advertisers should focus significantly more on picture alt-text and sitemaps for pictures. Throughout the following year, visuals will turn out to be progressively significant in the SEO game.


2020 additionally saw individuals go towards simple to consume content. Things like podcasts that can be understood in a hurry or newsletters that land straightforwardly in the user’s inboxes.

Advertisers are spending more on digital broadcasts as well, which is a clue to their continued accomplishment in 2021. Convenient and fastly accessible content like podcasts and pamphlets will assist brands in connecting easily with clients and give a more familiar approach to keep in contact.

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