How to choose the best social media platform for your business

social media platforms

It goes without saying that any business – online or offline – would need to show some sort of presence on social media to stay connected and relevant to their customer base. While you can simply pick the top three social media platforms and put all of your content in each. This could work. But not if you are serious about your social media marketing.

Not only does proper social media marketing take time and dedication, but you also need to research formats, hashtags, and other details relevant to the platform when choosing one to represent your business.

And while there really is no one-serves-all platform, you can choose by making an educated decision.

What to look for

What you choose depends upon factors such as:

  • The age, gender and opinion of your typical customer
  • How educated your customers are
  • The interests of your customer
  • The size of the social network, and how actively it is used by your group of interest
  • What social network do your customers use the most
  • What network do your competitors use the most?
  • What network platform are you most comfortable using for your business?

Once you get an idea of the above, you can now decide which social media platform suits your needs:


Facebook is undoubtedly the most popular Social Media Services platform in current times. People of all ages, for one reason or another actively use Facebook. So this is a very safe bet. However, there is likely to be lots of competition on Facebook. Your typical customer’s newsfeed has limited space and there can be limited scrolling to find all updates of your business. Stories help, though. But it also relies on the social media habits of your customer base.

All in all, because people have been (and probably will be) using Facebook for a long time, it is a good place to start a loyal long-term customer connection.


If your aim is to create awareness of your brand, participate in active conversation with your customers then Twitter is right for you. Twitter hashtags organize conversation and allow you to study the popularity of your campaigns. The insights it can offer you can positively help your business.


If your products are aesthetically pleasing or if photography is something you are interested in, then Instagram is your place to be. Businesses use Instagram to visually sell their products. But it usually works for businesses that have attractive products. Service-based businesses can show videos of satisfied clients or the results of their services to attract new customers.


People use LinkedIn to search for jobs and to network with people in their field. It is a great platform for generating leads, informing people

and businesses about your company’s vision, growth, and products, also to network with people from your industry and recruit new employees.


There could be one or more social media platforms that you opt for your business. And it may even be a good idea to check out the ones that spark your interest.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Which platform is best for small businesses?

The best way to go through for any business is to look around LinkedIn, It is one of the most powerful and old platforms for your business whether it be small or large.

Which platform is best for text-based updates?

The topmost platform used by professionals is LinkedIn due to its reliability on text-based updates rather than media content.

Is Instagram profitable for businesses?

Yes, according to research lately, around 1 billion professionals have been using Instagram every month, and this count never decreases.

How much voice can Facebook give to a business?

Facebook is one of the largest platforms used by businesses. Whether your business is B2B or B2C, Facebook has over 2.7 billion active users monthly. Businesses these days have