Logo and its types you should prefer at the time

importance of logo

Logos are an important part of establishing a brand and its marketing. All the Logo and its types are based on combination of representative image and typography skills. Therefore, you should make your logo the best because it is the first thing customers notice. All the logos and it’s types are equally important and impactful.

Before you create a logo, you should know about the logos and it’s typed and when you should use them on time. In the designing world, There are basically 7 types of logos.

  • Monogram logos or lettermarks,
  • Wordmarks or logotypes,
  • Pictorial marks or logo symbols,
  • Abstract logo marks,
  • Mascots,
  • Combination marks,
  • The emblem

Monogram logos or letter marks:

Monogram logos or letter marks are logos that comprise the initial letters of the brand’s name, like CNN, IBM, etc. When brands Have lengthy names We can represent the brand with this initialize technique naming. This is based on typography and one of the simplest yet perfect types of logo that Makes complete sense.

Use of monogram logos:

Monogram logos are suitable when the name of the brand is lengthy. If you can make a great abbreviation with the use initial letters of each word, you should make a letter marks for your brand and marketing.

Wordmarks (or logotypes)

Wordmark or logotype is similar to letter mark, it is also based on typography and relies on fonts. It consists of the whole brand name written. You can see the logo of Coca-Cola or think visa, they have a wordmark logo for brands. When the name of the brand is catchy and unique, comprise of a single word, the logotype should be a wordmark. You just need to choose the best font size.

Use of Wordmarks:

If the name of your brand is unique and different you should get a wordmark logo. Brands having a name comprising a single word which is itself an identity, then wordmark is a perfect choice.

Pictorial marks (or logo symbols)

The pictorial mark is a graphically designed distinct relatable icon. It is the image that is completely related to the brand. We can see the logo of Apple or Twitter as an example. It is the image that is completely obsessed with the brand and gives it an identity.

Use of pictorial logo:

Pictorial mark logo is effective when you are running a well-established brand. If the name of the brand is lengthy then pictorial graphics can explain it well hence you should choose a pictorial logo. Your pictorial logo must be a correlated and perfect explanation of the brand’s idea.

Abstract logo marks:

The abstract logo is similar to the pictorial logo but it’s not a relatable image like pictorial, instead, it can be any geometric design that becomes brand representative.

Use of abstract mark:

Abstract marks work great in global commerce, it helps you conveying brand idea and identity in a symbolic way. You can choose color and forms to make it meaningful. It makes the brand identity different.


The mascot is a type of Creative Logo Design where any character is present in the logo to represent your brand. These characters are fun and different making the logo look easy to recognize. You can see the logo of KFC as an example. Mascots are great at catching the attention of customers.

Use of mascot:

If your brand is for young children and families, you should make a mascot as they are highly appealing. They can create a better interaction with customers and promote communication. It also assists in social media marketing.

The combination mark:

A combination mark is When any two logotypes are combined to compose a new logo. When we do a fusion of any typography-based logo like word or lettermark with a pictorial mark or mascot it makes a combination mark. We can arrange pictures and texts in different patterns and layouts for the best outcomes. Doritos and Burger King have combination mark logos for an instance.

Use of combination mark:

A combination mark is preferred when you want to add details of your brand to the logo. Combination marks convey the best message along with prominent details of the brand that make the marketing convenient therefore they are best.

The emblem

An emblem is a logo in which a font is present inside a symbol, can look like a badge, have seals or crests. Emblems make an instant impact because of their appearance. This logotype is usually the choice of many schools, institutes, organizations, or agencies. Auto industry approach emblem often. 

Use of emblem:

Emblem gives you a traditional logo when you’re running any school or institute.

The emblem is a preference if you are running a business privately, and especially if you’re running some food-beverage business. It makes the brand look traditional and gives details.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why a logo is important?

The logo is important because it gives your brand identity. It makes your brand distinct and perfectly helps it promoting in the market.

What are the types of logos?

There are seven different types of logos that are:

  • Monogram logos or letter marks,
  • Wordmarks or logotypes,
  • Pictorial marks or logo symbols,
  • Abstract logo marks,
  • Mascots,
  • Combination marks,
  • The emblem

How are monogram and wordmark are similar?

Monogram and wordmark are similar in many aspects. They comprise fonts and are completely based on the typography skills of a logo designer

When an emblem is preferred?

The emblem is preferred when you’re running a school any organization or institute. Emblem can also work if you’re an owner of a private food-beverage business and wants to give your brand a traditional identity.