10 Logo Design Tips to make an Attractive Logo Design


An attractive logo design is the most essential part of a brand that represents the values of that brand. A logo creates a major impact on how your brand is perceived by the audience. So an outstanding logo is required to attract a larger audience. A logo is designed according to the values and culture of the brand, colors, and design reflect the idea behind that logo. Which is used to portray the brand’s values and customs. Which lets people know more about your business and your offerings.

This guide will let you learn everything you need to identify to design a perfect logo for your brand. Understand your brand identity and make the right decisions to make the right design choices. And navigate the design process to create a great and Attractive Logo Design.

Tips to remember while designing a logo:

Keep your brand identity and values in mind while you go through the Logo Design Tips and think about how you can design a logo that perfectly reflects your brand. Some of the major tips are discussed below, based on our research;

  1. Understand why you require a logo

Business is all about attracting customers and making them fall in love with your brand. A logo creates a huge impact on the first impression your business makes. It reflects your business and provides valuable information about your business to your customers.

A logo is an essential part of your brand, so it has to be eye-catching and well-designed. A great and professional logo communicates the purpose of your business with your audience. And makes a good impression on the audience and makes you stand out from the competition.

  1. Know your brand identity

Before designing a logo you need to understand the core values of your brand, personality, and identity of your brand. Once you have a clear picture of what your brand is all about and what makes you unique. So it will be much easier for you to design a perfect logo.

You must know that why you started that business, what your beliefs and values are, what makes you special, how you can do better, and how your audience will remember you, to design a good-looking logo.

  1. Search for inspirations

To design a great and Attractive Logo Design you need to find inspiration for your logo. To do so, you need to start with brainstorming and think about the look and feel you are trying to give to your logo. Instead of thinking like a designer think and see your brand as a customer and try to understand what they require. Take ideas from multiple people to have different ideas and options.

Think about how you can visualize your brand into that logo and how your customers will perceive it. Make sure to design a logo that is clean and attracts your audience and portrays your brand impeccably.

  1. Get aware of the competition

Your competitors are the best place to get ideas about your logo. That will be beneficial in several ways. You will get to know that what is already out there, what should be avoided and how well you can attract your audience. Think about how you can emphasize those differences to make a unique logo. Try different and unique options that distinguish your business from others in every aspect. If your rival is using one thing then you must go with another theme to be different.

  1. Select a design style

After having a clear idea of what your business is and how your logo should be designed. It’s time to move forward with the design process. Several elements are used to design the logo, in which colors, fonts, graphics, and shapes play important roles. The first thing you have to do is to pick the right logo design type that matches your brand perfectly. You can select from below mentioned types of Attractive Logo Design;

  • Pictorial Mark
  • Retro or Vintage
  • Minimalist
  • Abstract
  • Wordmark
  • Lettermark
  • Combination Mark
  • Mascot Logo Design
  • Emblem

You can pick the right type or you can mix and match different types of designs to decide what is best for your brand.

  1. Focus on colors

Different colors have different meanings. You must understand the psychology behind the colors because certain emotions and feelings are attached to different colors. You have to decide what color pallet suits your business perfectly. Either you can go with monochrome or you can use multicolor. You can combine different colors to portray your brand story through colors.

In the picture below, different color schemes are mentioned, you can select any of them to use for your logo. Choose your color scheme wisely that reflects your brand identity.

  1. Pay attention to typography

Pick a font that balances and puts the finishing touches to your logo design. Typefaces speak a lot about your brand, so select a font while considering the target market and niche of your brand. You can select from four major types of fonts;

  1. Serif Fonts: These fonts are considered as old-fashioned and classic fonts because of their feet design at the end of the letters. They are versatile and can go with any design but works well specifically with vintage and classic designs.
  2. Sans Serif Fonts: For a modern and aesthetic look, sans serif fonts are used. For modern brands, this type of font is more reliable and suits best with their nature.
  • Script Fonts: These fonts are like handwritten text. Logos that consider handwriting and calligraphy for their logo design choose this type of font. It makes your logo more distinctive.
  1. Display Fonts: These fonts are highly stylized and striking. To design a fun-looking and engaging logo, these types of fonts are used.
  1. Use space wisely

An Attractive Logo Design should be clean which attract your audience. Overburdening a logo makes a mess and leaves a bad impression on your audience. Make sure that people can easily read your logo and understands it. So keep it clean and simple to avoid any confusion. White space or space provides a feeling of calmness and neatness which takes minimalism to a whole new level. It makes it easier for you to use that logo design and integrate it for multiple marketing activities.

Have a look at this example, which is how this brand compensates their design with white and empty space to make it visible and neat.

logo design tips

  1. Evaluate your logo

After having your logo designed by the designers, you need to analyze and evaluate your logo based on feedback and the reaction of fellow people after seeing that logo. It helps you decide what can be better for you to design a logo and what the demands of the market are. You can have multiple samples of your logo and after analyzing the feedbacks you can easily select an option that suits you best and fulfills the market demands.

  1. Integrate your logo into your brand

A logo is the base of branding material and marketing activities. Once you have designed a logo for your brand, now you can easily use it for multiple branding campaigns. Business cards, letterheads, websites, social media sites, or packaging materials, all consist of your logo. Which makes your brand unique and makes you stand out from the competition.

What makes a logo great?

A logo that is instantly recognizable and portrays your brand’s goals and objectives, is known as a great logo. A professional logo looks effective and comprises of the following qualities;

  • Uniqueness of a logo makes a brand distinguishable and makes it surpass the competition.
  • A good-looking and striking logo is memorable. It is easy to remember. People often recognize the brand through its logo only, because it is recognizable.
  • A great quality of a logo is that it is versatile and multipurpose. It is used for various branding and marketing campaigns. Due to its resizable design, it fits almost every branding component.
  • A perfect and well-designed logo reflects the brand personality and conveys the values and offering of the brand to the viewers and customers.
  • Ageless is one of the major benefits of a logo. Due to its timeless and ageless characteristic, it makes a brand live forever. Nothing needs to be changed as they are adaptable in every era.

Take a look at the logos of great and successful brands and think about how they attract their audience and retain them to be successful. Brands like, Apple, Nike, Coco-Cola, MacDonald, KFC, make their presence worldwide and through their designs they maintain their dominance by making people remember them. These were some of the Best Logo Ideas to take inspiration from.


A logo is the chief representative of your brand. So an Attractive Logo Design has to be good-looking and clean, to make the audience understand the message behind that design. Avoid being too complicated and avoid designing a logo that is overburdened with various elements. Make sure your logo is of high quality and its simplicity speaks itself. Follow your competitor Logo for Best Logo Ideas. To visualize your brand into a logo that delivers your message perfectly to your audience which helps you make the inimitable and dominant position in the market. By following these tactics you can run a Logo Design Services Agency easily.