06 Logo Design Trends to Follow In 2022


As New Year begins, new design trends come into existence. Logo trends 2022 comes with very innovative design strategies to attract the relevant audience. Every business logo acts as a visual brand ambassador of a brand and works as the foundation of your brand identity. So, we see that businesses are evolving and changing according to the demands and needs of the consumer market. Just like that, logos are also evolving as per the requirements of the relevant audience. Therefore, to make logos adaptable and eye-catching for the current year, they are designed according to the logo trends 2022.

In this blog, we have concluded the top 10 graphic design trends 2022, suggested by the top logo design companies in the USA. Let’s dive into the trends of logo design for the current year and future.

Logo Design Trends 2022:

With our great Logo Design Tips, you can always design evergreen logos for your business. But following the trends can aid you to compete with the ongoing and upcoming design developments. So, below we have discussed the styles that we can see in logo design in the future and current year.

  • Simplistic Geometry & Basic Shapes
  • Saturated Colors & Gradients
  • Bold Wordmark Logos
  • Symbolism & Minimalism
  • Scribbles & Sketches
  • Tall and slender

Simplistic Geometry & Basic Shapes

Complex logos are hard to remember and also difficult to understand. Hence, your audience may find it challenging to build relevance between the brand and its visual representation. So, brands consider designing simple and minimalistic logo designs to create relevance with the brand and to attract the audience. That’s the reason why graphic design trends 2022 are mostly based on a simple and minimal approach to designing. Elegant Custom Logo Design work well for a business because they are pretty much expressive as compared to complex logos.


Saturated Colors & Gradients

If you think that colors are not a thing to be considered, then just take a look at the most successful brands with vibrant and colorful logos, like Baskin Robbins. The interest in the logo color schemes has grown as new design philosophies come into existence in logo trends 2022. Top logo design companies are following the design process in which they are considering logo color schemes with fewer, simple, and more attractive colors. Because adding multiple colors can make your design look messy. Another aspect of this trend is the usage of gradients. As we look back to 2020, in which most of the brands redesigned their old logos with gradients in them.

Bold Wordmark Logos

Wordmark logos are one of the best and evergreen types of logo design. The list of brands choosing wordmark logotype is endless, brands like Coca-Cola, H&M, Zara, Google, and many more, choose wordmark logo design as their logo to represent their brand. There are many logo design agencies in the USA, offering the best wordmark logo design services at amazing prices.

Wordmark logos only consist of the brand name, which is the best and most effective way to promote your brand name and make your audience remember your brand. There are lots of small businesses actively experiencing typography and trying it for branding purposes. Bold wordmark logos are considered a massive graphic design innovation and that gives us an all-new direction in logo design.


Symbolism & Minimalism

When it comes to simplifying a logo, then there are many ways to do that and many trends to follow. But the symbolism in a logo is the most illustrative and effective of all. Ever heard of the term responsive logo design? Responsive logos are adaptable to a variety of screen sizes or other mediums. It is the natural feature of a logo and the design with symbolism and minimalism proves it right. Their design shows the symbol-like structure and minimalistic details making it even more striking and original. This is because, realistic logo marks are pretty clumsy and inconvenient, specifically when they are placed on smaller screens or printed on compact business cards. Therefore, many businesses prefer implementing simple design strategies for their logos.

Scribbles & Sketches

In logo trends, 2022, scribbles and sketches make a return as one of the common graphic design trends 2022. Although it seems like freeform drawing is no more a trend now, recent designs demonstrate the complete opposite of it. And apparently, there is hardly anything better than fast sketches, cartoon characters, and shapes are drawn in uneven and unique styles with attractive logo color schemes. Therefore, you can expect more scribbles in upcoming logo designs as well as a hand-drawn mascot logo design or sloppy cartoon logos. Top logo design companies are doing a great job, of designing unique and uneven doodles and drawings.

Tall and Slim

The tall logos are partly borrowed from Art Deco, where there is a special love for elegant vertical frames. However, it is not fair to say that they are unique in this movement. High logos have both a touch of Boho aesthetics (which is more popular in 2021-2022) and modern geometric elements. The roots of this trend are less important for logo design. Most important is that the new shape created by the designers has new logo ideas, so here we expect them to approach fonts and graphics differently. For example, they already play with line thickness, display, and plain lettering for most winning solutions that can give more weight to brand messages.

Another important feature of top business logos is that they are suitable for most online markets and advertise better than traditional logos. Simply shifting the tall logo eliminates the need for many similar versions and logo designs for responsiveness because they are responsive enough.

In The End:

The above-discussed logo trends 2022 were researched and concluded from different surveys and research. As we can see most of the brands come up with logo designs, which are falling into these above-mentioned categories. It is hard to say how long these graphic design trends 2022 will stay, but as they are in trend, our custom Logo Design Agency is offering the best logo design services in the USA. Explore our website and learn more about us and our Creative Logo Design projects.