SEO Tips to boost internet traffic


Every entrepreneur or company wants to see their website performing well. However it is one thing to make a good looking website with a solid functionality while getting internet traffic on it is another. You would be surprised at the staggering amount of websites that overlook tuning their website for search engines – a place where the majority of traffic comes from. The art of ‘tuning’ your website is commonly known as ‘Search Engine Optimization’ or SEO for short. In the following text, we will explain you many simple SEO Tips to boost internet traffic.

First things first

Before we proceed any further, identify your website’s response to a search and see where it lies. Use a keyword checker for this.

Once you’re done with that, try implementing these tips below and re-check your website’s performance. Some of the ways in which you can boost traffic are:

Use short, to-the-point URLS

  • Search engines usually process a finite amount of characters in a URL, so you should try shortening yours to improve your website’s positioning on the search result page.
  • Make sure you include keywords pertaining to your website in the URL, because search engines filter the web according to them. So you should only include the terms which most accurately describe what your website is about.

Pay attention to the content in your website

  • Keywords are not only meant to be used in URLS, rather they are supposed to be categorically placed in page titles and the website’s meta description – a short description that appears below a web page result. Factors like these may determine whether a user clicks on your website or not, so pay attention to them!

Remove all unnecessary features

  • While creating a website, you have to decide whether to keep it simple and offer limited functions, or go overboard and offer tons of functionalities.
  • Although the latter sounds good in theory, it tends to bog your website down and its effects become really noticeable in the form of delayed loading times for the user. 
  • Bloated websites aren’t only unappealing to users, but rather Google too tends prefer websites which are less bloated.
  • They do this by identifying how long it takes for a certain website to load, and ranks them in the order of least time taken.
  • This is why you should consider removing non-essential functionalities from your website, making it as optimized as possible.

Add support for voice-search

  • The introduction of voice assistants has created a gradual shift in how users browse the web, with a decent amount searching for stuff directly through their voice assistants.  And this trend is only going to go upwards; with experts expecting 55% of adults in the United States using smart speakers by 2022.
  • Voice searches differ from text searches in the sense that text searches are generally shorter, with the former being in the shape of a question. For example, “grocery stores in my area” as a text search would roughly translate to “what are grocery stores nearby” in voice search.
  • So when developing your website, it is important to pay heed to keywords that might be used in voice searches, which could increase the rank of your website in the search result page.

Give Google Analytics a shot

  • If you feel like you have tried all of the aforementioned steps yet still do not see any noticeable differences, give Google Analytics a shot.
  • Optimize, by Google Analytics is a program that helps improve the reach of your website. 

It comes in a range of packages, but for most users the base package will suffice. 

  • It boasts an easy-to-navigate interface with the ability to simplify A/B testing alongside its many sophisticated algorithms to increase the traffic engagement of your website.

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