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Logo creation is an interesting Procedure. If you want  to improve your skills of logo creation you can do it by focusing on few things. Before you jump in to the process of logo creation, the understanding of importance of logo is very essential.

Why you need a logo?

We all know that Logo differentiate your brand from others by giving it an identical visual. It keep your brand going and growing, reaching new heights of success. If you want to create an impact you need a logo well created.

Things to know before you start logo creation;

We know that everyone wants to be a pro in logo creation, therefore you must Update your self with the on going competition of brand market, keep an eye on most developed brand, also stay in touch with new emerging brands. This will help you in logo creation with perfect.

If you are choosing the design and style of logo, select the right one, simple and eye catching. Choose the Color that make logo attractive and contrast with every visual rather than messing up. Typography is equally important in logo creation, and can help you in making your logo unique.

Whenever you are creating a logo for your client or any brand, keep a good connection with them. Being good at communicating build up a great relationship. Keep discovering new ways and ideas to make your logo creation unique and special.

In conclusion we can say that These were the things you should watch in logo creation and along with them avoid all those things which can ruin your logo creation. They are little but you should never neglect because they can cause a great trouble.

Things to refrain from in logo creation

As we know that these small things or little ignorance that lead to big crucial blunders of created logo and cause damage to your logo design.

All These areas are minute but need a great focus while concerning about logo designing.  If you learn them you’ll know to avoid them and they won’t have any impact on the logo design.


You can do Logo creation in two versions;

-One for color background and visuals

 -Another for black and white visuals.

If you create a logo in black and white, then it will cause problems while being displayed in black. This make color in logos necessary. Therefore making of two versions of logo is getting common as it make the logo design better.


Size of logo is an important perspective. If you’re displaying a logo, it would be appear in different size depending on its application. The logo can be used on a bill board, a desktop screen, or on a mobile phone. Therefore, Size of logo must be perfect for all these displays. Using a text in logo is not a preference because of logo size predictability.


The logo should not be a complex structure or difficult to understand. Best logo is the one which is easy to eyes and effective at Same Time. If there are too many things going on it. The texts, color contrasts, structures everything play important role in logo designing.


Creating a different style of logo not only shows how creative you are but it is also an intelligent move in logo designing. For instance Making a logo with no clichés make your design unique Alongside do not mess up with other logos. So Try to Design a unique logo and catch attention.


Create a logo with impact, like design a unique and simple logo which make its impact. Effective logos are the one with simple designs. If you design an easily recognizable logo it will become memorable. Complex logos have details hence they are not perfect to memorize.

All these things make the process of logo designing easy. Famous logos are always simple yet very effective. But we should remember that These little details have huge impact on logo creation. Each step you take can effect the logo and it’s identity, while creating impact on brand.


There are different things that make a logo bad for brand, it includes;

  • Lack of recognition,
  • Lack of uniqueness,
  • Poor Font,
  • Messed up text,
  • Uncomplicated elements,
  • Complex design.

If you want to create a perfectly fine logo that will be effective too then you should avail the services of some professional expertise. A logo designer with great experience and have records in designing fine logos. If you’re looking for the best graphics and logo design services, Then, we at Diligenttek have got the best team to handle all your digital marketing problems. For queries and assistance, contact us at

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What’s a good logo?

A good logo must be simple, color should be contrasts perfectly with visuals, it should not contain many texts, the elements should be dominant and the size should be adaptable for every screen display.

What’s a bad logo?

A bad logo can be complexly created with texts in it, the color won’t be differentiating, the size won’t be suitable for eyes and it will be resembling to many logos giving no sense of uniqueness.

How to get a good logo?

You can have a good logo for your brand by getting the assistance of some professional logo designer that are expertise in skills.

What role a logo play?

Logo make your brand prominent and help it growing in the market. It gives your brand an identity. You cannot have a great marketing experience without having a perfect effective logo.

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