The importance of having a good logo for your brand

importance of good logo design

One would be astonished as to how often logos are overlooked by brands. To some, a logo is only but a fragment of a business. But it is so much more. Having the right logo is imperative for the success of a business. The right logo emanates trust, confidence, and a sense of connection to the customer. So you see, it is important to have a good logo for your brand. This article walks you through some of the most important aspects of having a good logo for your brand which will help you understand the importance of good logo.

Creates a good first impression

They say chief impressions are of the greatest significance. And in the case of the commercial industry, first impressions are often a make or break for businesses. Before a potential customer reads your brand’s ethos, or before a customer walks into your brick and mortar store or browses your website, it will be your logo that they will see first.

You see, the logo is what conveys your brand message to the customer. It should connect with them, instill in them a desire to obtain your product, or at the very least intrigue them, luring them closer into your brand. This is the very logo that has the power to enchant them and make them into a customer of yours or make them not want to associate with you if they find it unflattering. So as you can tell, it is crucial to get your first impression right!.

Distinguishes you from the rest of the competition

A crucial aspect of operating a business is finding your USP or Unique Selling Point. More often than not business owners tend to focus on finding their USP from their services. And while that is mostly the norm, they can sometimes underestimate the value that a good logo can bring to their business. A good logo makes a statement. And that statement can be whatever you desire to instill in your potential customers.

Elevates the status of your business

A good logo can elevate the status of your business and attract more customers. In the existing state of the industry, there exists a sizable chunk of customers that are “brand-conscious”. If you manage to select the right logo and succeed in branding your business flawlessly, you can have a golden goose at your hands.  Because once a business has elevated to that level, the “brand conscious” people almost buy anything on offer so that they can associate with your brand.

Take the streetwear brand Supreme for example. Due to its minimalistic and chic logo, people quite literally buy shovels, bricks, and a lot of other mundane items just because they have the Supreme logo on them. Supreme can be used as a case study for many aspiring entrepreneurs. It teaches us a valuable lesson that if you are able to create/select a good enough logo for your business, it may take you to unforeseen heights.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

1. How many types of logos are there?

Logos are divided into 4 main categories:

  • Letterforms: These logos are made up of a single letter only. For example, Netflix, WordPress, etc.
  • Wordmarks: Wordmarks are made up of multi-letter abbreviations together to constitute a logo. For example, Google, Hermes, etc.
  • Pictorial: Pictorial logos are made up of symbols of recognizable things. For example, the logo of KFC is a pictorial one; portraying the renowned founder of the restaurant – Colonel Sanders.
  • Abstract: As the name suggests, abstract logos do not necessarily have a logo portraying something orthodox. An abstract logo can be anything that looks good. Examples of abstract logos include Pepsi, Spotify, Adobe, etc.

2. What should my logo portray about my business?

A general rule of thumb is that your logo should portray the most prominent aspect of your business or the aspect of your business you want to highlight the most.