The ultimate guide to creating valuable content

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30 years ago the internet was born. The years following its creation the world saw a crowd of skills being introduced and used in consistency with it. So much so that it became hard to keep track of the new technologies coming forward creating valuable content.

30 years, by every means, is a substantial time period. Society has evolved in a multitude of ways in the past 30 years. For example, you can now order a pizza today with the palm of your hand instead of walking to your local pizzeria. Don’t like waiting for your cab? Book one and have it by your front door in a matter of minutes. These are only but a few of the immense ways life has changed.

Attracting people in today’s landscape

The advancement of technology has inadvertently led to a shift in behavior of society. The tactics of yesteryear simply will not suffice. One must create content which is unique, a content so ‘out of the box’ that it separates itself from the rest of the competition. And that is exactly what this article hopes to teach you. The following are a few ways YOU can create the valuable content.

Identify your audience

To creating valuable content, First and foremost, you need to ask yourself this: who is your main audience? Who does your content primarily target? There are many free tools available online that can help figure out the demographics of your audience. Use them to identify your audience. Why is this important? Because if you do not know your audience, how can you effectively produce content that appeases them? For example, consider a news channel ‘XYZ’. Its content usually revolves around reporting the daily news and analyzing the current political climate. Channel XYZ’s primary audience are (you guessed it) adults. Now imagine how absurd and out-of-place it would be if one day instead of the 4 o’clock news, it starts showing cartoons. It’s audience would obviously be unflattered and would lose the enthusiasm they once held for channel XYZ.

Your job is to never let your audience lose that enthusiasm in you by making the wrong type of content.

Plan out your content

The second plan of action to creating valuable content, once you have identified your audience is to accurately plan your content. Research extensively on the trends of your audience, find out what they like and what they don’t. Once you create something you expect your audience to like, don’t just sit back and wait for people to find out content. Figure out ways to promote your content. Write blog posts with SEO optimization to make it easy for like minded people to search for your content and for  search engines to recommend your content more.

Communicate with your audience

In today’s day and age people have generally lesser attention spans than before. And often at times good content alone just doesn’t cut it anymore. You have got to interact with your audience on a relatively frequent basis. If your blog is a website, try sending weekly newsletters. Or if you operate on social media sites, such as Instagram for example, try commenting back to your audience. Small acts like these can really go a long way and help contribute in cementing your place in your audience’s hearts.

Branch out

Once you’ve succeeded in creating valuable content with quality and substantial, it would be foolish to not expand your reach. Grow your audience by advertising your content.

A Lot of people doubt their content when it comes to advertising, stating that it isn’t ready. Trust us on this one, don’t fall for the perfection trap. If you start believing your content isn’t good enough to promote you’ll never be ready to promote it, and that self-doubt will indirectly affect your content. Growth is a commodity and its currency is time. So be confident and know that on a planet of 7 billion and counting people, your content is bound to impress some people!

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