Google is going to announce its Google Page Familiarity apprise in mid of May 2021. Hence, SEO specialists should be able to solve the issues regarding the traffic of their website, if they want to stay ahead of the competition in the new Google update 2021.

These are some steps that you should follow to keep up to date regarding the new Google update 2021:


Page experience simply means that now Google will rank those pages higher which are user-friendly, hence those pages that are difficult to access are bound to get a lower ranking from now on in the new Google update 2021. Brand queries which refer to the number of times your site got clicked or was searched by the users on Google are going to have a significant impact in the new Google update 2021. Similarly, user experience will get the highest priority, when it comes to page rankings on Google.

Therefore, the question which arises here is that, what should you do to optimize your user experience? Here is the answer:

  • Fasten the loading speed of your website. Make sure that your website doesn’t have broken pages, because they create negative experience for users. Your website should load between under 3 seconds, while 1 second should be preferable for good user experience.
  • You should keep an eye on your competitors as well. Analyze about the keywords they are using or the quality of content they have. After doing this, you should make your strategy and try to stay ahead of your competitors every time.
  • You should analyze your design through heat maps. Heat maps enable you to improve your website’s user experience, as it shows the part of your page which people are trying to click.


You should create an account on the Google Search Console, then it would evaluate your data and give you feasible results for your SEO.

This account will help you to fix all the errors on your site. If you have any problems related to different URLs, you can solve them by using this account. Similarly, you can fix the problems for the desktop as well. This Search Console is of great help to the users in getting quick search results. Comprehensive coverage reports and sitemaps are also provided by the Google Search Console.

GSC shows you the areas that connect to you with the most links. It’s a useful asset to know where your content is being utilized around the web, and what performs best in Google’s eyes.


In the case, if you need more traffic, you should simply follow the site audit report from any tool you like. Semrush or Moz are some of the well-known SEO audit tools. Site audit report is going to play an improvement part in the upcoming Google update 2021.

  • Firstly, you should check all the errors through the report, that are making it difficult for your site to rank higher and then you should correct them.
  • Do a complete checkup on your websites speed. Google ranks the sites relatively low which take a lot of time to load. We have already discussed above about the preferred amount of time a site should take to get it’s rank higher.
  • A good SEO audit site, just doesn’t point out the errors, but they also tell you how to fix them. Hence, you should use the best SEO audit site available, if you want your site to be ranked higher.
  • The links which connect you to the domain are really important. Therefore getting a detailed analysis of your links is really necessary for a successful SEO strategy.

Google is also doing its users a favor by already announcing its Google 2021 earlier. You shouldn’t wait for the Google update 2021. Instead, you should start applying these techniques to your SEO. Someone, who implements these practices will get success, and hence his site will get a higher rank even after Google update 2021 starts functioning.

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