7 Types of Abstract Logo Marks to Get Inspired From


An effective logo sparks the conversation about your brand. There are many types of logos, but there is one logotype that is often chosen by small business owners; Abstract Logo Marks. Abstract logo consists of complex gematrical shapes that conceptually represent your brand. Instead of consisting of a mascot, symbol, or image, abstract logos create concepts through geometrical shapes and objects. Which makes them memorable and conversion starting logo.

In this blog, we will discuss various types of abstract logo and their benefits, before moving forward with it, we need to understand the abstract logo design:


What is an Abstract Logo?

An abstract logo is a unique image that is designed to express something specific about your brand. A conceptual and thought-provoking design that emotionally connects your audience with your brand. Versatility makes them even more appealing and grabs the attention of your audience.

Before we dive into the types of abstract logo marks, there are a few things that we must know before we start designing the logo;


How An Abstract Logo Should Be Designed?

  • Decide an Icon:

As we have discussed that an abstract logo conveys multiple concepts and various emotions in a symbol. An icon is the point of focus of your brand’s abstract logo. The icon is used to reflect all the different aspects of your business.

  • Choose Colors:

Colors play a key role in Branding & Logo Design. Most designers don’t realize the importance of the right color palette but a professional Logo Design Agency can design a perfect logo for your brand. The whole color psychology is important to understand and consider while designing a logo for your brand.

  • Select Typography:

The simplicity and complexity depending on the typography of your logo. A typeface that creates a balanced logo and provides a simple look should be used in the logo. A minimal font pair well with the symmetrical objects to create a Good Logo Design.


Different Types of Abstract Logo:

Let’s take a look at the different kinds of abstract logo marks.


  1. Symmetrical Abstract Logo:


The symmetrical abstract logo consists of patterns that are recognizable and memorable. They are well suited for the health-related, wellness center, or a business that is based on natural elements or centered by nature like a florist.

But the symmetrical abstract logo can be used by brands not related to nature. Just like Airbnb, their logo consists of three icons, one is a location symbol, the other one is an upside-down heart and the third one is the hand of a person reaching out that perfectly reflects their business idea.


  1. Abstract Logo with Geometric Shapes:


When geometric shapes are combined with abstract design, they highlight the level of depth and emotions to your logo. Squares are stable and circles evoke the feeling of comfort which makes your logo trustworthy. Bold vertical lines portray a sense of strength, efficiency, and durability.

There is no limit that how you can use geometric shapes in abstract designs, every shape should be ideal enough to reflect your brand perfectly.


  1. Dynamic Abstract Logos:

A dynamic logo is adaptable and can be changed according to the platform or context in which it will be placed. You can adjust or change the colors, dimensions, layout, and orientation of the logo. As we have noticed Nickelodeon uses different icons for their different shows just by changing the object and using the same font and orange color consistently. This allows the channel to remain on the fun side of their channel and make every version of the logo recognizable.


  1. Abstract Logos with Deeper Meaning:


Abstract logos are open to interpretation, and they often beg the viewer to take a second look to figure out the deeper meaning. From using negative space to shading techniques that trick the eye, these logos are multifaceted, ingenious, and send a sparkle to your target audience.

Negative space is the design technique that cleverly uses white or empty space within an image to create a whole new logo. The Best Abstract Logo Example that reflects deeper meaning is the logo of Toblerone. In which the shape of the bear is hidden inside the mountain symbol.


  1. Line Art Logos:

Line art consists of straight or curved lines placed on the white background to represent a two-dimensional or sometimes three-dimensional object. They are often monochromatic. Line art is usually used to represent the industry of freelancing, architecture, boutiques, skincare brands. The simple drawing and design reflect the minimalism and modesty of the design.


  1. Illustrative Abstract Logos:

An illustrative abstract logo marks, you can still recognize certain objects and illustrated graphics. An illustrative abstract logo is a way to depict objects with a renewed and artistic viewpoint. Just like the logo of Starbucks that consists of a mermaid with a crown and the tail on two sides. That’s the perfect example of an illustrative abstract logo.


  1. Combination Abstract Logos:


When you can’t decide between the symmetrical or a geometric abstract logo, you can try a combination abstract logo. By incorporating multiple abstract design techniques to create a that perfectly portrays your business message, personality, and idea. The best thing about this type is that they are not industry-specific and can be used in almost every industry.


Benefits of an Abstract Logo Design:

Creating an incredible abstract logo is not an easy task. To make a Good Logo Design, you must fulfill the design requirements and follow the design process. In the end, hard work pays off and provides you with numerous benefits. There are several reasons that why you should consider an abstract logo for your brand, but some of the main features are mentioned below.

Abstract Logos are:

  • Unique
  • Memorable
  • Versatile
  • Scalable
  • Easy to Create


In The End:

Most of the time traditional logos don’t work and can’t reflect your brand’s message and idea perfectly. Abstract logos are a great example for businesses that want to portray and communicate the uniqueness and simplicity of their brand through that design. That helps them engage and entertain their audience in a perfect way.

There are limitless options and variations to design a logo, getting started to design a logo for the first time might get you in trouble. To get you covered and help you out we have professionals to design your Abstract Logo Design that perfectly reflects your brand.