types of logo designs

The graphic design utilizes visual pieces to solve issues through imagery, typography, shading, and structure. There isn’t a specific way for graphic designing, and that is the reason there are a few sorts of graphic designs, each with its own area of specialization.

Graphics play a significant role in good marketing strategy for any company. Therefore we should know about the different types of graphic designs. The types of graphic designs are:


A brand is the means of communication between a business or organization and its audience. A brand identity is the manner by which the association conveys its character, emotions and experiences. The visual components of brand identity that go about as the substance of a brand to convey those theoretical qualities through pictures, shapes and shading is known as visual identity graphic design.

Visual identity graphic design is the most widely recognized sorts of design. These kinds of designs include color palettes, logos and typography. Branding guidelines are also set for visual identity. These guidelines help in creating consistency for future designs.


A (UI) is the means by which a client deals with a device or application. UI design is the way towards planning interfaces to make them simple to utilize and give an easy to understand insight.

UI design focuses on the client’s visual experience and the configuration of on-screen realistic components like buttons, menus etc. It’s a UI planner’s responsibility to design aesthetically pleasing designs with specialized usefulness. Web pages designs, game interfaces and app designs are the main areas in which a UI design has the biggest influence.


Organizations rely upon successful advertising process to take advantage of their targeted group’s decision making process. People always find graphics more useful and engaging. Therefore, graphic designs help the companies to promote their products more effectively.

Graphic designers work with the organizations for making their marketing strategies. Marketing graphic designers excel in making postcards, magazines, infographics, brochures and all these things of the highest quality. Apart from these printed designs, this kind of graphic designing has also evolved to a great deal in digital designs. They can be really useful for your digital marketing strategies.


Basically, motion designs are illustrations that are moving. This can include animation, sound, typography, video and different impacts that are utilized in online media, TV and film. This medium’s popularity has increased lately as innovation improved.

Originally held for TV and film, motion designs have reduced creation time and expenses, making the art more available and reasonable. Presently, motion design can be found across all digital stages. Advertisements, animated logos, presentations and trailers are a few examples of motion graphics design.


Publications are the pieces that connect with a group of people through open distribution. They have generally been a print medium. These designs generally include books, papers, magazines and inventories. However, digital publications are also getting significant now.

Graphic designers that have practical experience in distributions work make designs with the best kind of typography, along with photography, illustrations and graphics. Books, newspapers, catalogs, newsletters are some kinds of publications graphic design.


Most items require some type of packaging to ensure and set them up for storage and distribution. However, packaging designs can likewise communicate straightforwardly to customers. Each product is an opportunity to tell the story of a brand.

Packaging designers create different ideas for an item. This requires large information on print measures and a sharp understanding of modern packaging. Hence, the designers need to be really watchful, while designing for packages.

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