Inspiring Web Design Trends to Follow in 2022


A sense of playfulness and delightfulness in Web Design Trends has increased over the past few years. Designers are adding creativity, art, and interactivity to enhance the engagement on the websites. It seems to be in a renaissance period of the early web. Because many people like to spend most of the time surfing the internet and looking for something exciting and engaging, as we used to do when the internet was emerging.

As we look at the design industry where web trends are taking signals from that era, designers are finding creative and new things to add up in the design trends. Thinking out of the box and making the simple and creative designs a trend instead of photograph-centric layouts. Modern Website Layout has found creative ways to use typography, shapes, and illustrated designs with simple navigation. The use of muted and sophisticated colors makes websites look simple and striking.

Web design is moving towards the future with exciting contemporary practices like animations, visual effects, and advanced interactions based on artificial intelligence. Which led designers to use drag and drop tools that enables them to do it faster and easier instead of writing long pieces of code.


Trending Web Designs:

Here we are going to discuss some trends in web design that can be applicable in upcoming years.


  1. One-Page Websites:

Most of the time the most effective sites are the simplest ones. One-page websites are one of the simplest and effective types of websites. The increase in popularity of this Modern Website Layout has been seen that relinquishes menus and navigation courtesy of simple scroll navigation. When the subject matter is narrower and only a single idea is to be represented then this layout works best, like a portfolio or a digital resume.

This layout evokes the feeling of reading a flyer or a poster without any complications of navigation. All the information you need to review is under one roof and accessible without navigating and searching multiple pages.


  1. Oversized Typography:

font-stylesTypography aligned with unusual sizes is a fresh and bold design trend. After a certain size words become more like a graphic element rather than simply part of the content. This versatile technique can be used effectively with almost every theme, either minimalist or maximalist.

Implementing this trend blocks the banner or focused image or video which makes your audience curious about the picture and enables them to perform a certain action to view that picture or video.

The use of oversized text with an ultra-minimalist design with neutral background color and serif font combined with subtle animation on scrolling makes your website looks modest and sophisticated.


  1. Fewer Images in Hero Section:

Many designers are adopting to design hero sections and landing pages and make them speak through design rather than relying on photographs or graphical illustrations. But sometimes it is hard to create a visual impact through hero sections because of the layout and them of the website. But going with hero images creates a bit of mystery, alluring visitors to find out what else lies beyond that hero section.

Some of the eCommerce Website Developers integrate this theme into their sites to grab the attention of the visitors. They make them curious about the products they have by adding a hero section or a landing page to their sites.


  1. Interactive Fonts:

This theme takes the use of fonts to new heights, designers have found creative ways to make their font move according to the movement of the user’s mouse. Make interactive fonts by adding hover-state change just like you do with buttons or links. But when you employ interactivity onto fonts, make sure to keep in mind the readability as some people are distracted by moving objects or characters.


  1. Collage Illustrations:

Collage style gives a tactile feel to site illustrations and layout. In Web Design and Development opening up more white space allows you to incorporate images rather than relying on a single image for the entire site. Make sure to make a combination of shapes and patterns with images and colors within the collage. You can add filters, tint, and BW Effect to your images to blend them with the entire design theme.


  1. Abstract Illustrations:

As we move on with the abstract theme, we came to know that incorporating various textures, watercolors, ink, paint, silk effect, or the paper texture, into your website makes your website look simple and sophisticated with a natural feel. Abstract illustrations that have more organic and natural textures are becoming more popular. They look like technical drawings with thin lines and graphical shapes representing certain objects indirectly.


  1. Gradients with Grains:

The gradient is not a new trend, but adding grains makes them super trendy and creates an entirely different effect. A perfectly smooth and modern gradient gives objects a futuristic glow and shiny touch, which makes them feel more natural and adds texture to the design.

Grains and gradients can be used on selected parts of the website or they can be added to the whole website, depending upon the design theme. Depending upon the percentage, they can depict film, photography, or print mediums. As they are in the trend, Agencies providing Responsive Web Design Services are adding grains and gradients on borders of buttons and other elements too.


  1. Split Screen Sites:

An interesting and effective way to divide a design is to use the split-screen layout. The dual layout makes your design more diverse by adding design contrast, multiple colors, visual interest, and separation of content naturally. You can add a fixed footer, marquee scroll, and contrasting scroll on right and left sections.


  1. Page Speed Optimization:

Other than designing and layout, if we talk about the technical side of the website, page speed has become the foremost consideration for Web Design and Development individuals. Google’s 2021 algorithm update makes page speed a more important factor for a perfect SEO. Because according to the research 53% of website visitors will abandon a page if it takes more than 3 seconds to load.

As page speed has become an important factor, you can keep a track of your website speed using Google PageSpeed Insights or Lighthouse tool. There are some guidelines of SEO for Beginnersto help you optimize your site according to the algorithms.


Covering It Up!

In a nutshell, the above-discussed web design trends will help you understand the current and future trends for a website. It helps you select either way to go with a trend and allows you to optimize your website accordingly. You can hire a designer or a Web Design Agency to make your work easy and get a fully customized and optimized website ready to capture the market.