To get with the idea of a good logo design, let us first understand what a logo means.

The logo is the symbolic representation of an organization. It is generally small in size and is a designed identification of any organization to make itself, Visible and memorable for its consumers. It is sometimes referred to as a logical approach to persuade or convince the consumers.

Logos are designed to deliver a touch of the aims that were kept in mind by the organization while establishing it.

Logos are in general designed by professional Graphic designers. A graphic designer can be an individual, Hired from a professional firm or on a temporary contract. Many organizations these days hire graphic designers on a long-term contract to get handy improvements in their logo because a logo is imagery and is important for the company.

Furthermore, let us now look at the importance of a logo.


A logo is a very first thing a person sees when he/she visits your organization, whether it be online or in person. It needs to be authentic therefore it must be catchy to make the brand unique and stand amongst competitors in the first glimpse.


A logo’s importance is justified based on the impression it gives to the people who watch it. Because if a client receives any product briefing or something related to your products, the client’s first impression is always what your logo says which will lead him to read more about your firm. Graphic designers make the logo in the perspective that the first impression to your client is persuasive and strong enough to attract clients.


Brand identity is labeled as the noticeable aspect of a brand. It distinguishes the brand from its competitors. A logo is one of the fundamentals that are important to make a brand dissimilar as well as healthier from others. Coupled with the brand identity, A good logo provides a touch of uniqueness to the consumers in the first place.


Logos are vital for an organization as the logo is the only part of your brand that is used in every marketing. If a client is watching your brand’s advertisement, Cover letters or any relevant thing, the logo of the company/Brand is one of the easiest things to remember and not only for the professional clients but, is also easily memorable for the customers who walk in your franchises. If we discuss examples the list will not end. Noteworthy logos are minimalistic yet easy to remember.


If your company is making pizza, there are thousands of companies out there making pizza. But what is unique in your brand that welcomes the customer is your LOGO. Yes, it is the uniqueness that you have. The quality and taste of your pizza remain secondary. But to attract a customer all you have is a logo. This way, it is the strongest weapon you can use to get business among your competitors. A good logo stands above all the other logos that represent the same services or products but do not produce any uniqueness. This way if you own a pizza shop, the uniqueness of your logo will make the consumer take steps to your shop while leaving the shops that have the same traditional logos which feature an Italian chef wearing a white hat and holding a massive pizza in his hand.


Think about it when you have to look for some good track pants in the market. Suddenly you see a Nike logo. You buy the track pants of Nike immediately because you know that you are in safe hands. This is one way of representing brand loyalty. A good logo is important for a company coupled with its consistency. As a marketer, I would like to make improvements in my company’s logo but as a customer, my brain will automatically redirect to some other brand/company if my favorite one makes changes. This is the level of trust and loyalty fostered by a logo.

When you design a logo for your company, it gets familiar with people with time. People are going to remember your brand based on the logo. If you do not change your logo in quite a while people will have the perception that you are delivering the same quality to date. This is the sole reason why famous brands have not changed their logo. I will not deny the fact that changes and improvements are important but when it comes to customer trust, a brand has only an edge to make changes to their logo that are either way too small or changes that are only making the logo more vibrant and brighter.

Hence, it could be justified that a good logo is important for a company. It makes them, Unique, Noticeable, Easy to remember, Promotes quality, it also encourages the consumers to join you among other competitors, and much more. In a nutshell, we say that a logo is the only concise element of your company that is available to the consumers everywhere and distinguishes the brand completely.

And, last but not the least:

Your logo is the leading object that the troop will appearance for when they see any infrastructures from your variety. It should be the focus of all your marketing strategies such as business cards, flyers, advertisements, etc.

If you don’t have a logo (and one that stands out), then you are missing the chance to make your business stick in the minds of your audience.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What are the different kinds of logos?

The different kinds of logos are minimalist logo, wordmark logo, mascot logo, business logo, abstract logo, sports logo, and gaming logo.

What are the different characteristics of a good logo?

The characteristics of a good logo are:

  1. Simple
  2. Memorable
  3. Relevant
  4. Versatile

How do logos attract clients?

A company’s logo plays an important role because it provides the clients with quick recognition of your brand, business,, or the services you offer.

  • What are the main features of a good logo?
  • It should have your brand name
  • Appropriate Style choice
  • Relevant color scheme