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Usage of Wordmark Logo

Wordmark badges are used to design a text Insignia, an Insignia that contains only text and no icons is called a wordmark symbol. Many multinational giants have wordmark logos such as Coca-cola, IBM, ETC. Companies use the wordmark insignia for their brand identification and marketing. Every wordmark symbol is amazingly designed with different fonts, colors, and sizes. Every wordmark symbol has its own identity and the response you get from the wordmark symbol is astonishing.

 A wordmark symbol scheme delivers the message you are trying to convey to your customers and promotes your business through the wordings you have used in your logo. Such logos are used by news channels, movie channels, or sports channels. A wordmark symbol contains only your brand name with colors, nothing else, A symbol that is visible and attractive gets the best output. An Internet Marketing Agency also provides the service of Wordmark Badge schemes.

If you would like to make a faultless word mark project then match the letterings to your brand character, generate local pivotal points, don’t choose clichéd typeface, and draw arts with your hands.

Some advantages of a Wordmark Logo

Easier to remember the name

If a brand’s symbol is designed on a wordmark, then it becomes easier to remember the name of the brand for the customers and your brand name becomes an identity. If customers are satisfied with your services or products you are providing, then they recommend your brand’s name to their family and friends.



Wordmark logo also has the quality of versatility which means that the words used in an Insignia can be in different sizes, colors, and fonts. This makes your badges recognizable and people are attracted to such logos. You can also redesign it if you don’t find it attractive or you don’t get the response you expected from the customers.

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